Andrey Bupas Ivichuk

Andrey Bupas Ivichuk

Professional boxing coach.

Coached many famous athletes, including fighters of mixed style Ali Bagautinov, Batu Hasikov, Vladimir Mineev, Rasul Mirzaev, Vitaly Minakov, Andrey Orlovsky; boxers Alexey Papin, Dmitry Kudryashov, Artem Oganesyan, Vladimir Myshev and others.

Andrey Bupas Ivichuk


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The man who knows where to hit

Andrey "Bupas" Ivichuk is the most fashionable boxing coach in Russia. He has celebrities, pop stars and members of the Forbes 100 list, his loyal students enter the ring with a prescribed battle plan and know how to find a weak point of an oppon...

Gym Club

We will reveal to you the truths of boxing, to which we came on the thorny path of overcoming ourselves, ups and downs, victories and defeats. All this in order to become successful, to surpass yourself, to become a champion, to be a winner.

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“Living well, living well is even better”
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